Getting an educational platform running is not an easy task, this being my 4th attempt. Getting ahead in life too can be tough and frustrating. This is why having the right education to provide the information needed and the skills to find more resources is vital to getting ahead in life.

Net all of us are blessed with the gift of private schools with excellent resources that delivered us to foreign schools around the world. However these days the internet put similar resources within our grasp if only the right encouragement and guidance are given.

Wireless networks are a cost effective last mile means of linking people with easily available technologies. As Bluetooth moves into the 21st century it also may become a useful ally in the spread of information and IoT.

Waali-wireless is a non-profit collection of software and hardware dedicated to making education a priority made accessible as an open network.

The current system lives in Accra, Ghana where i was born in the shadows of an old school we'd like to retrofit for the 21st century. GAKU Primary School in the heart of the LA traditional area in the Labone-Cantoments area. 

The aims of the Waali-wireless network is to strictly be a conduit for educational content that can give the under served communities to be educated well enough to be able to participate in the global village with positive guidance and motivational vision. 

With time and permission from the necessary institutions, established educational facilities could also be delivered by this service platform for education of all African communities where we can he hosted. All equipment is to be powered by renewable energy resources. 

We are looking for partners and funding for moving the project ahead in West Africa (Ghana-Nigeria) and East Africa where i currently live as well.

Please contact us if you're interested in participating as a teacher or service/site host.

Knowledge is power.