The wireless network that was being run with mesh networking products ran in Accra 2012-2014.

Currently on a little break adjusting to some life changes. 

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Cloudbased Network management

Cloud based network management

 PV panel used to power Modems, switches and routers

Powering Modems, switches and mesh routers.

Machines being converted to linux to run a rdp server on ubuntu

Machines being converted to linux to run a rdp server on an Ubuntu server.

Later removed all wall unit and replaced the space with chairs for laptop users. removed the

desktops and use them for a printer station to serve the school behind our building. The wires

have all now been cleaned up but we need to get rid of our asbestos roof asap!

The white device is the embeded unit that runs the mesh node software for UBNT

antennas on the WiFi N 2.4GHz band.

Printer station serving GAKU Secondary School KPOGAS junction area, Accra, Ghana.

PV charged bluetooth headset (below)

PV charged bluetooth headset

Was using a VM with FreeNAS (visit) but would love to work with these types of networked

NAS servers this one below had 2TB of storage with 4 750GB RAID drives. <3