Poor decisions can be good ones!

 "Any fool can know, the point is to understand!" - Albert E.


As technology evolves and new products are released, fewer people are able to adequately use their devices to the maximum potential. How many people do you know who see their smart devices as just tools to tack pictures and play music videos? When these same devices can be more powerful than a lot of computers from the early-mid '90s. Its a shame that so much productivity is lost daily in businesses and even universities where data services are wasted on non-educational use. Even in business that have not properly invested in network management.

Waali-wireless can provide the services that will make those valuable resources meet their goals while still allowing some lower priority use. These services are all customised so price will require a well planned and negotiated discussion on the network's priorities. Our goal is to increase productivity for Educational and productivity at the workplace but also to instil in the students and future workers of Africa, the discipline of focusing on the work or studies that will develop the continent. None of these changes will be easy but having the right infrastructure and service personnel will be the main factor to make these goals a resounding success.

We focus on opensource software to maximise efficiency for what we are able to do well!